How to Make Sun Tea

How to Make Sun Tea

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How to Make Sun Tea – Ah, sun tea. The nostalgic beverage from kind of that brings lower back warm recollections of sitting out on our lower back porch sipping tea and spitting watermelon seeds.

It appears that all my adolescent summertime reminiscences involve a large glass jug of this amber-colored quencher. I be aware sipping sun tea these days I helped my grandma snap peas in her rocking chair. I bear in mind sipping it at 4th of July pool associate. I bear in mind sipping it at circle of relatives reunions on the beach.

In fact, I can’t quite be aware ever not sipping sun tea in the summer time. Which makes me wonder why sun tea has turn into a little of a misplaced art.

How to Make Sun Tea

The other day, I dropped a inexperienced tea bag in my water bottle earlier than assembly a loved one for a exercise. She observed my water bottle sloshing round with a tea bag, and the questions began rolling out.

Why do you do that? (Because it tastes good and has no calories.)

Was your water hot? (No.)

Does tea really steep in sing his own praises water? (Yes.)

How long does it take? (Not that long.)

And so on.

My exercise blood brother was so enamored by the idea of putting a tea bag into sing his own praises water, it made me realize that probably this is why americans don’t make sun tea anymore!

So these days I want to proportion the fundamentals of sun-tea-making.

Sun Tea 101

First of all, tea leaves unlock their taste into liquid. Period.

It does not endorsed if the water is hot, sing his own praises, or someplace in among. When the liquid is hot, we call it steeping. If the liquid is bloodless, it’s technically a plain old infusion. both way, it really doesn’t be counted what you call it. When tea leaves get bring up, taste comes out.

The reason most americans steep tea in hot water (other than just liking hot drinks) is that the tea releases its taste quicker when the water is hot. A quick free up in a vivid quantity of time always consequences in an excessive taste and deep shade.

That’s not to say that the same thing can’t occur in cool or warm water over a longer length of time.

The normal idea of making sun tea is to make a large batch of iced tea for summer season without having to turn on your stovetop.

To do this, easily fill a large glass dispenser with water, and add eight tea luggage per gallon, based mostly on the size of your container.

I poured 1 ½ gallons of water into my dispenser, so I introduced 12 teabags.

The kind of tea you use is wholly up to you. labeled Southern iced tea is always made with a few sort of black tea mix, like Lipton’s or Luzianne. however think free to discover and be artistic here. If there’s some thing I’ve discovered about tea-making from my mom, it’s that the greatest iced teas often come from a random mix of something kind of tea luggage you have lurking in your pantry.

For instance, inexperienced tea, hibiscus tea, and peach tea mix together to make a astonishing fruity iced tea with a wealthy red color.

Once the tea luggage are in the water, canopy the dispenser and set it out in the sun. The quantity of time it will take for the tea to steep in the sun is based mostly on a few factors:

How hot is it outside?

What kind of tea are you using?

How large is your jug of tea?

How darkish do you like your tea?

A ordinary time frame is among 2-3 hours of sunshine. I’ve been known to deliver mine in after just one hour on a really hot day.

Once the sun tea is the colour and taste you’re going for, sweeten the tea if you so desire.

As a substitute of stirring in sugar and looking the granules settle at the backside of the jug, I like to sweeten sun tea with honey or agave. It stirs in best and smooth.

The quantity you use is utterly up to you. Add ¼ cup at a time and flavor after stirring earlier than including more.

Eventually, if you like lemon or lime in your tea, go forward and throw them in the dispenser. They will give the tea a light citrus note, and act as a garnish as well.

That’s it!

To recap:

  • Add eight tea baggage per 1 gallon of water
  • Use any mixture of tea luggage you like
  • Sweeten with a liquid sweetener, if so desired
  • Garnish with citrus

You can do this! And with politeness you’ll give the “tea bag in the exercise water bottle” trick a are trying as well. It’s a great way to inspire yourself to rehydrate!